Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I'm finally in Rome.  Actually I've been here since Monday, but have been crazy busy hitting the sites and da clubbz.  So far we've been to the the Musei Capitolini, the Trevi fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, the Vatican, and got a noise complaint.  But seriously Italians....I love your marble floors and all but if you guys are gonna get your panties in a bunch about hearing our boots click when we get home at night CARPET YOUR FLOORS.  That is all.

So the first night in Rome some of us went out on the town.  We found some fun places, I had some champagne (because I'm a high roller) and in the wee hours of the morning we decide it's about time to head home.  Max Hartman is an excellent navigator most of the time but that night he basically led us in the opposite direction of our apartments and lo and behold it's the Roman Forum and the Colosseum.

This little surprise may or may not have brought tears to my history loving eyes, but that's not important.  Also, we met this guy who told us that his cousin was the king of Lebanon, and that he wanted to take Rachel (my new roomie!!) to Milan and pay for everything.  But we're pretty sure that's code for "I'm gonna take you to Milan and sell you into sex slavery."

So we've been around, saw some pretty art, some pretty views, had some squisito food.  There is just old stuff lying around, IT'S AWESOME.

This is from the Musei Capitolini, one of the ancient bronze sculptures given by some pope to start the museum.  Romulus and Remus drinking some wolf milk (shout out to JK Rowling) about to go start Rome.

Then we hit up the Pantheon, no big deal.  It was cloudy though, so that bummed me out.  Dorothy and I plan on coming back when it's sunny and again when it's rainy because this place is so cool.  Also, Raphael's dead body is in there.

Then we walked over to the Trevi Fountain and I threw a coin in so I get to return to Rome.  Shout out to Bernini...that guy sure knows how to sculpt.

This morning we walked to the Vatican and got to see some gorgeous views of the city.
That's me and my roomie Rachel.  She goes to Emory and we are having a blast together.

We walked to the top of St. Peter's dome and I almost had a heart attack because the stair case was SO LONG and SO SMALL.  That's me and Dorothy who goes to BC with me.
The Vatican is beautiful and I can't wait to go back and see the museum there.

Until next time....

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  1. sophieeeee!!
    looks like you are having a BOMB time in Italy and you already have some awesome stories to tell, and i literally LOLed when i read this. i can't wait till i come visit youu! i love youuuu!